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We offer a collection of beautiful hand made Fair Trade home and gift products that complement modern trends and do not compromise on design and quality.

International trade can be a long term development plan for many developing countries to increase their economic growth. Often small businesses lack the access to capital, technology and market research to be able to enter global markets.

By working with small co-operatives and small businesses in developing countries we believe we are supporting economically disadvantaged producers to work towards poverty alleviation and sustainable development.


‘After studying textile design and working in high street retail I wanted to use my skills within Fair Trade. After many months travelling and volunteering for various charities and small businesses around Ghana, Cambodia and Vietnam, I discovered that the main message from producer groups was ‘we just need orders’. Many development agencies are working hard to help producer groups to increase their productivity, product range, capacity and business knowledge and help them find markets. However many producers are simply in desperate need to sell more products in order for their businesses to be sustainable and continue to grow, providing a fair living for their workers. While I travelled I discovered such an array of beautiful craft work and traditional textiles and handicrafts. As many of their current products may not fit with the UK market trends I wanted to work with producers to use their skills and traditional techniques to develop a unique range for Fair Trade Interiors that could be desirable for the western home. Hopefully with the success of this we will be able to keep increasing orders so that the producers have a brighter future.’

Catherine Deane - BA (Hons) - Founder


Our vision is to offer beautiful hand-made Fair Trade home and gift products that compliment modern trends and do not compromise on design and quality.

Our added value is through design and development of a co-ordinated range of products which will allow ethical consumers to enjoy desirable products.  With a focus on design, each product is developed to ensure a perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern style.

We are also committed to the details such as packaging, labeling and of course branding, all to a quality which aligns with the expectations of customers in western countries.

We always select the highest quality materials, and the standard of our hand woven textiles clearly differentiates our products from comparable mass produced ranges.

We visit our suppliers in developing countries on a regular basis to establish good working relationships, and ensure that ethical practices are maintained. We treat our suppliers with respect and work towards long term partnerships.

We import our Fair Trade Interiors products directly from the producers and wholesale to our retail partners. We are committed to building good relationships with our retail partners to ensure we deliver excellent products and great customer service.


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